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Balboa Park, Bankers Hill
Cuisine: Italian, Vegan
Dining Options: Dinner,
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Civico by The Park is the new location for the famous Civico1845 in Little Italy San Diego. The Gallo Brothers are bringing their love, passion and enthusiasm, preserving the warm and well-rooted family welcome Civico is known for.

Civico by The Park brings our lively southern Italian service to our new location through the direction of owner Dario Gallo. At Civico by The Park, we offer the flavors of authentic Calabrian cuisine, created through surprising techniques and nuances by owner and Executive Chef Pietro Gallo.

Civico by The Park will offer full traditional and vegan menus with the addition of our pizza program in two styles: the Pinsa Romana and Calabrian Pizza!

Overseeing our bar program, beverage director Simona Bressi from Milan has developed an outstanding selection of Italian craft cocktails focusing on amaro and grappa—the perfect aperitivo or complement to your meal.

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Balboa Park, Downtown 
Cuisine: Contemporary, Gluten Free, Italian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Vegan, Vegetarian
Dining Options: Drink as a Course, Dinner,
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SoleLuna Café was born from a passion for the Italian restaurant experience. Day and night, we invite you to taste the authenticity.We grew up in Italy and stayed there into our adulthood. However, few years ago, we decided to join the rest of our family here in San Diego. Our strong passion for food and our Italian roots, led us to the opportunity to take over the ownership of SoleLuna. As the new owners of our restaurant, we’ve made sure to incorporate our native country into our menu developing and crafting authentic recipes that are true to our homeland. We are a family owned restaurant through and through and we are very proud of that. We’re big on authenticity, but we’re also big on using fresh ingredients and making everything we can from scratch (the things we don’t, we import from Italy). At SoleLuna, we really truly believe that happiness is homemade, so join us in Cortez Hill for an unforgettable experience.

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