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Balboa Park, Bankers Hill
Cuisine: Asian, Mediterranean
Dining Options: Lunch, Dinner,
Lunch Price: 30
Dinner Price: 50
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ARTIFACT at Mingei // craft cooking inspired by ancient methods, spices and botanicals.
Located in the commons level of the newly renovated Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park  , #ExperienceARTIFACT and enjoy global cuisine inspired by the art and installations of the museum curator.
From the Culinary team of CUCINA urbana + sorella + enoteca, Urban Kitchen Group’s new concept ARTIFACT is open Tuesday- Sunday 11:30-2:30 with a monthly culinary exploration of a global region the third Thursday of the month for ARTIFACT at Night.
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Bankers Hill, Hillcrest
Cuisine: French
Dining Options: Dinner,
array(35) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(12) "labonnetable" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(40) "3696 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7450384) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1605759) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJ0yq-QcVU2YARE8mNmx-4bvM" ["name"]=> string(14) "3696 Fifth Ave" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "3696" ["street_name"]=> string(12) "Fifth Avenue" ["street_name_short"]=> string(9) "Fifth Ave" ["city"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92103" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(5) "Owner" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(12) "619-408-9810" ["owner_email"]=> string(24) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(6) "362759" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(12) "619-260-8039" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(30) "" ["cra_membership"]=> array(0) { } ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(12) "Bankers Hill" [1]=> string(9) "Hillcrest" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(6) "French" ["label"]=> string(6) "French" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(692) "

La Bonne Table is a cozy and intimate restaurant in the heart of the bustling  neighborhood of Hillcrest in sunny San Diego. We serve country french food in a bistro fashion. Our menu consists of classic french dishes, a modest but excellent selection that will change with the seasons and special occasions. We offer a romantic atmosphere and elegant setting, full bar and french beer on tap.

Reservations are recommended as seating is very limited in this exclusive restaurant. Our staff is graciously waiting to host your next dinner adventure. Bon Appetit!


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