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Bay Park, Clairemont
Cuisine: American
Dining Options: Dinner,
Dinner Price: 45
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Here at Farmer’s Table, we make it easy on you. Our kid-friendly environment makes us the perfect choice to incorporate into any plans. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So you can stop in to see us anytime!
As a family-owned and operated business, quality service and components are important to us. We use only the best organic ingredients in every dish. All of our menus boast the best of both American and Italian cuisine. Here at Farmer’s Table, authenticity is so important to us that every wood-fired pizza is made on our brick oven imported straight from Napoli.  
We are nationally recognized for our brunch menu, complete with our 10 pound bloody marys featured on the food network. Our dinner menu and wine list are also just as extensive and exquisite. Our farm-to-table approach to dining is so unique that we have been featured in multiple media outlets including the Eater San Diego, KUSI, and CBS News.  
Come into Farmer’s Table Little Italy today to get the full Italian experience!

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