594 Carlsbad Village Drive , Carlsbad, 92008
Beach City Smoothies
Cuisine: American, Other


Beach City Smoothies has been a favorite Carlsbad eatery since November 2006, and is locally owned by Mary Jacobson and her daughter, Jamie.

Our goal is to create a fun and memorable experience for each and every guest by giving you fast and friendly service, and the highest quality, healthy, great tasting food and beverages.

Beach City is operated by Mary and her friendly and knowledgeable team of “smoothieologists” who take pride in being the best smoothie shop in Carlsbad (and beyond).

Our 100% pure fruit smoothies are packed with nutrients and only the finest fully matured vine and tree ripened fruit and fruit juices.  Our 24oz smoothies pack the power of 6 servings of fruit with no added sugar or dairy!

Our locally famous Acai fruit bowls are a healthy meal or treat that can’t be beat!  Acai is a rich, berry-cocoa flavored fruit that tastes amazing and is so good for you.  Click here to go to our Acai page … you’ll be amazed!

Our newest super fruit, Pitaya, is definitely the most colorful fruit in the shop, its bright magenta color and refreshing tropical taste will delight your senses.