What do you use gift cards for?

We use gift cards to supplement our media buys. This helps us get all kinds of promotion from Radio and TV, to Magazines, Newspapers and Social Media Advertising. Paying for marketing with gift cards allows us to keep registration costs low for restaurants, as well as provide premium advertising for San Diego Restaurant Week.

How many gift cards do I submit?

If you have registered for both Spring and Fall Restaurant Weeks, you need to submit (10) gift cards. If you registered for Spring Restaurant Week only, you need to submit (6) gift cards. 
You can mail your gift cards to:
SDRW ℅ McFarlane Promotions 
656 5th Ave STE B
San Diego, CA 92101
Email digital gift cards to SDRW@calrest.org

How can I get more media exposure?

If you’d like to have more personalized media exposure, you can submit an additional (5) gift cards, you can participate in the Influencer Program, or make yourself available for early morning television segments! Reach out to SDRW@calrest.org for more information.

What is the Influencer Program?

The Influencer Program is a FREE marketing initiative where we collaborate with San Diego’s biggest food influencers to promote participating restaurants. An influencer and a guest will dine at your restaurant and in exchange for a complimentary meal from your Restaurant Week menu, they will post and promote your restaurant to their thousands of followers. Want to host an influencer? Sign up here.

How can I promote my restaurant’s participation internally?

Internal promotion could involve various strategies like, training staff to inform customers about the participation, creating promotional materials for display within the restaurant, utilizing social media platforms to announce participation, and offering special incentives to employees to encourage them to spread the word. Want help with your marketing collateral? View our Marketing Toolkit to get social media inspo at the click of a button!

What makes a good Restaurant Week menu?

A good Restaurant Week menu is diverse, offers a variety of dishes, maintains a balance between classic and innovative options, and ensures the quality and freshness of ingredients. Pricing, presentation, and the overall dining experience also contribute to a successful menu. View our Menu Design cheat sheet here!

Why can’t I see my restaurant on the website?

The reason your restaurant may not be visible on the website could be due to various factors, such as incomplete registration, technical issues, or a processing delay. The email address, SDRW@calrest.org, is designated for questions, so reach out for assistance and clarification. We can likely provide insights into the status of your restaurant’s listing on the website.

How do I log in to update my profile?

Go to https://www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com/restaurant-login/. When you scroll down, there will be an area to put in your username and password to log in! Once logged in you can scroll through the sections that you need to update; like photo uploads, menu uploads, and social media handles! For a more indepth look, watch this video!

What is the ideal timeline for updating my SDRW profile and menu?

The sooner your profile and memu are uploaded the better! Diners are already checking the website daily to look at restaurant’s profiles and menus. Not sure what your menu should be? No worries, we suggest that you upload your menu at least two weeks prior to the start of San Diego Restaurant Week. However, the earlier you’re able to get your menu up, the more reservations you will have!

How do I get in contact with event organizers?

To contact event organizers, you can email SDRW@calrest.org with any questions you may have. This email address appears to be a dedicated contact for San Diego Restaurant Week, and they mention that the inbox is monitored daily, suggesting a reliable means of communication.