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Cuisine: American, Seafood, Steaks, Other
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Surpassing your expectations.

Selected for “Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels” TV show from The Food Network, featuring Peohe’s signature Halibut Mai’a, Pupu Platters and the Surf & Turf Sushi Roll. Peohe’s is honored to be selected for Rachael’s Spotlight on San Diego/Coronado!

Coronado’s tropical island getaway
Aloha, and welcome to Peohe’s!

Nestled on the water’s edge in the Coronado Ferry Landing, Peohe’s offers breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and San Diego Bay.

Specializing in fresh tropical seafood dishes influenced by Pacific Rim flavors, Peohe’s also boasts a superb Sushi Bar featuring innovative rolls and new wave sushi creations. In the dining room, elegant tiered seating affords a bit of privacy and allows guests to fully enjoy the view. Al fresco dining is available on the patio or in the charming dockside courtyard.

Peohe’s is easily accessible by land or water — just a five-minute trip from downtown via private yacht or water taxi, and a 10-minute automobile ride over the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Moor your own vessel at Peohe’s dock.

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Downtown , Gaslamp Quarter
Cuisine: Continental, Seafood, Steaks, Other
Dining Options: Dinner,
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Rei do Gado is a Brazilian Steakhouse uniquely known for featuring the traditional Mesquite charcoal grill, which gives that signature smoky taste to our meats, traditionally operated since 1999. At Rei do Gado, you will experience all-you-can-eat Brazilian flavors with our tender premium meat selections, seafood bar, fresh salads, hot dishes such as feijoada and stroganoff, heavenly desserts, and our signature drinks.

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  • Happy Hour 4-6 PM everyday
  • Fall Dinner Special Tuesday-Thursday ONLY $48.95
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La Mesa
Cuisine: Other
Dining Options: Drink as a Course, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner,
array(34) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(22) "smokey and the brisket" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(45) "5465 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7791742) ["lng"]=> float(-117.037802) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJ2-jXDvxW2YAR9ukEt_UtmuY" ["name"]=> string(21) "5465 Lake Murray Blvd" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "5465" ["street_name"]=> string(21) "Lake Murray Boulevard" ["street_name_short"]=> string(16) "Lake Murray Blvd" ["city"]=> string(7) "La Mesa" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "91942" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(7) "Manager" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(10) "6197568032" ["owner_email"]=> string(36) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(6) "392981" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(10) "6194396544" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(7) "La Mesa" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(5) "Other" ["label"]=> string(5) "Other" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(846) "

Smokey and the Brisket is all about BBQ prepared the old-fashioned way, with custom techniques that are rewed up with flavor and quality. We’re the real deal when i comes to the “Art of BBQ”, dedicating all of the time and effort it takes to create “next level”, brilliantly seasoned slabs of ribs brisket, pulled pork and chicken’s specialties straight out of our In-house smoker!. All proper spicing texture and smoking techniques that translate to a fantastic flavor experience.

Smokey and the Brisket’s lively décor features a vintage 1960″ Doge A100 van transformed into a bar, a toolbox counter service station, industrial-style garage doors invited to come enjoy a family, friends and fun times- with our BBQ  specialties, robust beer and wine selection and lively ambiance.

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