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Downtown , Gaslamp Quarter
Cuisine: Seafood, Spanish
Dining Options: Drink as a Course, Brunch, Dinner,
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Cafe Sevilla has been dedicated to providing the true essence of Spanish culture, music and cuisine since 1987. Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, Cafe Sevilla is proud to offer the most authentic Spanish ambiance in their tapas bar, restaurant and nightclub.

Café Sevilla specializes in Spanish tapas or small plates, which are great for a fun, interactive and sharable dining experience. Menu offerings include a variety of over 30 award-winning tapas as well as traditional paellas, fresh seafood and savory meat dishes. We also feature a large variety of Spanish wines and refreshing sangrias.

Cafe Sevilla offers dinner service daily as well as brunch on Sundays. You can enjoy live music every single night. View their music lineup here:

You can also enjoy their exceptional happy hour available Sunday-Friday from 4:30pm-6:30pm, where you can enjoy drinks starting at just $5 as well as Spanish Tapas priced at $5, $7 and $9. More information about menu offerings and hours can be found online at

To provide an enjoyable and safe dining experience, Cafe Sevilla has a spacious and shady patio for outdoor dining on 5th Avenue, and performs wellness and temperature checks on each employee before their shifts. In addition, the staff wear masks and provide an “Up and Go” contact-free mobile pay option. A QR code is printed on each receipt so guests can pay would like to pay in a touchless manner. 


Cafe Sevilla’s operating hours are:

Monday – Friday: 4:30pm – 1:30am

Saturday: 3pm – 1:30am

Sunday: 11am – 1:30am

Reservations can be made by calling 619-233-5979 or online at 

Cafe Sevilla is conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Diego at 353 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. For more information, visit and follow Cafe Sevilla on social media at @SevillaSD.

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