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Coronado, Downtown 
Cuisine: Seafood, Steaks
Dining Options: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Also offering Happy Hour, Monday - Friday 3:00 - 5:30
Dinner Price: 60
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Nestled on the water’s edge in the Coronado Ferry Landing, Peohe’s offers breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and San Diego Bay.

Specializing in fresh tropical seafood dishes influenced by Pacific Rim flavors, Peohe’s also boasts a superb Sushi Bar featuring innovative rolls and new wave sushi creations. In the dining room, elegant tiered seating affords a bit of privacy and allows guests to fully enjoy the view. Al fresco dining is available on the patio or in the charming dockside courtyard.

Peohe’s is easily accessible by land or water — just a five-minute trip from downtown via private yacht or water taxi, and a 10-minute automobile ride over the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Moor your own vessel at Peohe\’s dock.

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Coronado, Logan Heights
Cuisine: American, Fusion
Dining Options: Lunch,
Lunch Price: 60
array(33) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(9) "The Henry" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(40) "1031 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.6848334) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1793517) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJi3RF_cus3oARQsD77LcbvhY" ["name"]=> string(9) "The Henry" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "1031" ["street_name"]=> string(13) "Orange Avenue" ["street_name_short"]=> string(10) "Orange Ave" ["city"]=> string(8) "Coronado" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92118" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(0) "" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(10) "4808234704" ["owner_email"]=> string(17) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(10) "6197621022" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(64) "" ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(8) "Coronado" [1]=> string(13) "Logan Heights" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(8) "American" ["label"]=> string(8) "American" } [1]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(6) "Fusion" ["label"]=> string(6) "Fusion" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(642) "

Follow the arrow to the greatest neighborhood restaurant, a place where you can always count on a warm welcome from baristas, servers and bartenders who know your order by heart. A fusion of industrial and classical influences, our open dining spaces are bursting with charm and energy. Come and go with ease for your morning coffee, enjoy lunch with a colleague, gather the family together for dinner, or treat yourself to a post-work drink at the bar. For craveable eats and downright delicious cocktails, look no further than a place where you’ll always be among friends, a place that feels like home: The Henry.

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