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Hillcrest, North Park
Cuisine: Italian
Dining Options: Dinner,
array(36) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(25) "Cori Pastificio Trattoria" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(38) "2977 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7408963) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1297855) ["place_id"]=> string(164) "EiYyOTc3IFVwYXMgU3QsIFNhbiBEaWVnbywgQ0EgOTIxMDQsIFVTQSJREk8KNAoyCTNg3xyLVNmAEUXQQNM8mLz2Gh4LEO7B7qEBGhQKEgnlKt14iVTZgBHn-vghu7Yj_QwQoRcqFAoSCev8t0uNVNmAEWtp3i_yVa3K" ["name"]=> string(12) "2977 Upas St" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "2977" ["street_name"]=> string(11) "Upas Street" ["street_name_short"]=> string(7) "Upas St" ["city"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92104" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(5) "Owner" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(10) "6197182889" ["owner_email"]=> string(19) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(6) "394504" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(10) "6195736159" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(26) "" ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(9) "Hillcrest" [1]=> string(10) "North Park" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(7) "Italian" ["label"]=> string(7) "Italian" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(3199) "

“Cori” means heart in Chef/Owner Accursio Lota’s native Sicilian dialect, and at the heart of Cori Pastificio, it’s all about love.

The love of authentic, handmade food, shared with friends and family in a convivial atmosphere.

The love of warm hospitality, welcoming guests in a casual setting where all can feel comfortable.

The love of excellent value, pairing high quality ingredients and masterful preparation with prices so affordable that you won’t have to wait for a special occasion to dine at Cori.

And, the love of the vibrant North Park neighborhood, where Chef and his family live and are actively involved in the community.

The dishes you’ll enjoy at Cori are gifts from Chef Accursio’s heart, melding the flavors of his Sicilian homeland with the best of local Southern California ingredients.

The expanded menu balances classic and contemporary Italian food in a setting reminiscent of the time-honored trattorias found throughout Italy. Enjoy full service table seating, grab a place at the marble-topped bar, from which you can watch all the action of your meal being prepared in the open kitchen or just order your meal to enjoy at home with your family.

A trattoria is more informal than a fine dining restaurant and at its heart is the emphasis on authentic, accessible food—pastas and sauces crafted fresh daily from family recipes, and produce harvested from nearby farms and gardens. A trattoria is the heartbeat of a neighborhood, a place to get together with friends, socialize over a glass of wine, and relish food so comforting and satisfying that you’d be happy to eat there every day.

This is the heart of Cori Pastificio Trattoria.

“Pastificio” in Italian is a shop where pasta is made by hand and sold, and at Cori you’ll find a display case filled with a selection of our fresh pastas—homemade daily—to bring home and create your own masterpieces.

From our heart to your plate, Cori Pastificio Trattoria serves you great food, seasoned with love.

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Cuisine: American, Mexican
Dining Options: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner,
Lunch Price: 30
Dinner Price: 30
array(36) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(10) "Crest Cafe" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(12) "619-295-2510" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(36) "" ["about_restaurant"]=> string(430) "

We have everything from beer brisket chili, burritos, burgers, desserts, French toast, catfish, meatloaf pasta pork chops salads sandwiches beer, wine and so much more! You can bring the whole family along as we also feature a kids menu for the young ones with many “little” favorites as well as smaller versions of our popular menu items. We are open from 7am-10pm daily and all menus are served all the time!

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Cuisine: American
Dining Options: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner,
Lunch Price: 20
array(36) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(19) "Great Maple Dinette" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(44) "1451 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7516436) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1494763) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJu88MeedU2YARxB_N9rlA7rk" ["name"]=> string(18) "1451 Washington St" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "1451" ["street_name"]=> string(17) "Washington Street" ["street_name_short"]=> string(13) "Washington St" ["city"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92103" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(15) "General Manager" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(12) "305-431-5226" ["owner_email"]=> string(18) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(12) "619-255-2282" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(34) "" ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(9) "Hillcrest" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(8) "American" ["label"]=> string(8) "American" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_logo"]=> int(19904) ["restuarant_profile_image"]=> bool(false) ["general_lunch_menu"]=> string(103) "" ["restaurant_menu_link"]=> string(0) "" ["lunch_price"]=> string(2) "20" ["sdrw_lunch_menu"]=> string(83) "" ["dinner_price"]=> string(0) "" ["sdrw_dinner_menu"]=> string(86) "" ["dining_options"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(6) "Brunch" [1]=> string(5) "Lunch" [2]=> string(6) "Dinner" } ["dining_area_photo"]=> bool(false) ["restaurant_facebook_link"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_twitter_link"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_instagram_link"]=> string(0) "" ["restaurant_yelp_link"]=> string(0) "" ["open_table_id"]=> string(0) "" ["reservations_link"]=> string(47) "" ["opentable_link"]=> string(67) "" ["photo_permission"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(3) "yes" } ["gift_card_notice"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(3) "yes" } ["additional_promotions"]=> array(0) { } ["offers"]=> array(0) { } ["cra_membership"]=> array(0) { } ["promotions_specials"]=> string(0) "" ["gallery_images"]=> bool(false) ["other_dining_options"]=> string(0) "" }
Bankers Hill, Hillcrest
Cuisine: French
Dining Options: Dinner,
array(35) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(12) "labonnetable" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(40) "3696 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7450384) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1605759) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJ0yq-QcVU2YARE8mNmx-4bvM" ["name"]=> string(14) "3696 Fifth Ave" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "3696" ["street_name"]=> string(12) "Fifth Avenue" ["street_name_short"]=> string(9) "Fifth Ave" ["city"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92103" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(5) "Owner" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(12) "619-408-9810" ["owner_email"]=> string(24) "" ["cra_id"]=> string(6) "362759" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(12) "619-260-8039" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(30) "" ["cra_membership"]=> array(0) { } ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(12) "Bankers Hill" [1]=> string(9) "Hillcrest" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(6) "French" ["label"]=> string(6) "French" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(692) "

La Bonne Table is a cozy and intimate restaurant in the heart of the bustling  neighborhood of Hillcrest in sunny San Diego. We serve country french food in a bistro fashion. Our menu consists of classic french dishes, a modest but excellent selection that will change with the seasons and special occasions. We offer a romantic atmosphere and elegant setting, full bar and french beer on tap.

Reservations are recommended as seating is very limited in this exclusive restaurant. Our staff is graciously waiting to host your next dinner adventure. Bon Appetit!


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Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean
Dining Options: Dinner,
Dinner Price: 40
array(36) { ["restaurant_name"]=> string(31) "Tavola Nostra Pizzeria e Cucina" ["restaurant_address"]=> array(14) { ["address"]=> string(50) "1040 University Ave B101, San Diego, CA 92103, USA" ["lat"]=> float(32.7487326) ["lng"]=> float(-117.1541038) ["place_id"]=> string(27) "ChIJBw2txtxU2YARqvIe09XzqmQ" ["name"]=> string(24) "1040 University Ave B101" ["street_number"]=> string(4) "1040" ["street_name"]=> string(17) "University Avenue" ["street_name_short"]=> string(14) "University Ave" ["city"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["state"]=> string(10) "California" ["state_short"]=> string(2) "CA" ["post_code"]=> string(5) "92103" ["country"]=> string(13) "United States" ["country_short"]=> string(2) "US" } ["contact_title"]=> string(5) "Owner" ["contact_cellphone"]=> string(10) "6199214206" ["owner_email"]=> string(33) "" ["restaurant_phone_number"]=> string(14) "(619) 310-5256" ["restaurant_website"]=> string(37) "" ["cra_membership"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(3) "Yes" } ["restaurant_neighborhood"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(9) "Hillcrest" } ["restaurant_cuisine"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(7) "Italian" ["label"]=> string(7) "Italian" } [1]=> array(2) { ["value"]=> string(13) "Mediterranean" ["label"]=> string(13) "Mediterranean" } } ["about_restaurant"]=> string(1474) "

New restaurant now open. Tavola Nostra Pizzeria E Cucina is a full-service casual Italian pizzeria and restaurant bringing a modern touch to family recipes and an ancient style of pizza called, Pinsa Romana.  A unique 3 flour mixture of soy, rice, and wheat imported directly from the Corrado Dimarco family of Rome. This crust is highly hydrated, low yeast, and slow-risen.  No animal fats, non-GMO. Delicious, healthy, and easy to digest.

Other offerings include New-York style pizza, delicious Italian small plates, salads, and pasta.

Tavola Nostra, which means “our table”, is locally owned and operated by Jeff Oliveri – a first-time restaurateur from a family of longtime restaurant owners who is honoring his familial heritage and tradition with his Italian dining concept.
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