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Breaking Down the Kombucha Craze

You probably have at least one person in your life raving about kombucha. And if not, statistically speaking, there’s a good chance you are that person. Whether you’re a proud proponent of this ancient Chinese health elixir or wondering what exactly the hype is about, here’s what you need to know about the fermented mushroom […]

How Happy Hour Came to Be

The workday is done, the drinks are flowing (sometimes two at a time!) and the sliders are half-priced – what’s not to be happy about? But despite the obvious joys this aptly-named early evening ritual brings, it wasn’t always about discounted libations. Whether you’re plotting your escape from the office or already delightfully floating in […]

How to Scope Out a Restaurant for Date Night

Whether you’ve been together for 10 days or 10 years, there’s one question that always arises in every relationship: what to do for dinner. From the earliest days of your courtship, setting the right tone when it comes to dining can be as monumental a moment as deciding whether you’re dog or cat people. With […]

Why Food Makes You Happy

Food is one of life’s greatest, simplest joys. It’s a staple of happy occasions—the common ground that connects even the most disparate of personalities. An emotional trigger that evokes memories of some of life’s sweetest moments. The catalyst that propels us from a ravaged state of hanger back into our normal, likable selves, passing not […]

How Your Taste Buds React to Spicy Food

We’ve all seen that guy—the one mopping up his forehead over a basket of hot wings or taking the chef to task over a yawn-worthy Pad Thai that boasted a four-chili-pepper rating on the menu. (And by “seen,” we mean “been.” We’ve been that guy.) Once the sweat and tears have subsided and we’ve regained […]

Perfecting San Diego’s Favorite Food: The Taco

Whether you’re hosting Taco Tuesday at home or taking to the streets for a taco-and-margarita crawl, as any San Diegan knows, not all versions of our signature fare are created equal. It’s not just the finished product that’s delicious—it’s the authenticity of every single ingredient that goes into it, from the masa used for fresh […]

How to Take Better Food Photos

In the Instagram age, food photography has become as much a way of life as the act of dining out itself. Even those of us who once protested in hanger when a companion delayed the first bite for a photo are learning to savor the art of the #foodsnap before digging in. As San Diego […]